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, detroit's bankruptcy is hurting investor's miles from michigan. plus, why soda is becoming a harder sell. and, here's man's new best friend: why more chickens and roosters are moving away from the farm. first business starts now. you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. good morning! it's monday, august 12th. i'm angela miles. in today's first look: is the summer rally slipping away? the major indicies all fell friday, ending down for the entire week. it's the first weekly decline since june as traders fret over the fed's next move. gold was a gainer by $4. oil added on $2.63 apple shines in its patent case. the internationl trade commission ruled that samsung infringed on iphone patents owned by apple. samsung is expected to appeal. and aol has turned into a chatter stock. shares rose 2% friday on speculation the internet company is planning drastic cuts or that it may shut down its local news sites, called patch. scott shellady of trean group joins us on this monday morning. happy monday morning to you, scott. - good morning. - how critica
motown hits a high note.... why detroit's bankruptcy is attracting investors.... in today's cover story... will compeition in the discount airline industry give a lift to ticket sales. plus... the ultimate people mover. tesla's ceo is out with a plan that will whisk you around the nation.. and.... low cost vacation could be right around the corner... first business starts now! you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas good morning! it's tuesday, august 13th. i'm angela miles. in today's first look: trending now in the market: tech out of apple and blackberry motivated buyers.. making the nasdaq the only major indicies to end the session in the green yesterday gold up $23, oil: 18cents. it could turn in to a not so yummy day for yum brands stock. the company that owns kfc continues to see a decline of sales in china due to a chicken scare allegedly caused by suppliers breakng rules. and the latest data shows.. american workers are up to 10 days of vacattion from 8 -- back in 1993. but they are also getting less paid sick
time. pension funds and officials from detroit are in the midst of a dispute. kevin orr, the city's emergency financial manager met with pension funds yesterday to determine the pension shortfall.orr says pensions are underfunded by about three and a half billion dollars. while those funds estimate the shortfall is less, about 600 million dollars. a detroit reporter tells us...the meeting was likely the first of many. "this is an ongoing dispute and i don't expect that the differences between the emergency manager's numbers and the pension fund's numbers are going to be resolved that lasts a few hours. my suspicion and again this is just a suspicion is that this will be the first of several kinds of these meetings that will take place here in the coming days and weeks." that was kirk pin-ho, of crain's detroit business. the deadline to file challenges to detroit's bankruptcy elligability was last night. pinho says the next battle coming down the pipeline: pension funds that filed challenges under grounds that pensions are protected under the constitution, and therefore detroit was
treatment." a federal judge is speeding up detroit's bankruptcy hearing process. the judge is determining whether the motor city "is eligible" for protection from creditors. arguments in the case will begin september 18th, which is much earlier than the october 23rd date the judge originally scheduled. detroit''s emergency manger kevyn orr will have to prove the city is insolvent. city employees and retired workers will argue to protect their pensions under michigan's constitution. starbucks is set to start selling its evolution fresh juices in whole foods stores. the coffee giant acquired the cold-pressed juice maker in 2011. a big part of its plan for the selling juice in retail outlets with an eye to gaining a bigger foothold in the $1.6 billion premium juice market. evolution fresh snacks will also debut in whole foods stores and come to starbucks locations this fall. as early as september you may be able to trade in your old i- phone to get an upgrade. apple is reportedly planning to unveil the plan next month. sources told all things d that the company is expected to make an o
a collateralized debt obligation investigation. b of a says it's cooperating. detroit is speeding up its plan to move through bankruptcy. the city is aiming to file a restructuring plan by the end of the year. that's ahead of schedule. a federal judge earlier proposed a deadline of next march. meanwhile, tomorrow, voters will head to the polls for the city's primary election for mayor and city council. chris gautz, a reporter with crain's chicago business, tells us the elections add a layer of complexity to detroit's current financial situation. "once they take office, they really aren't going to have a whole lot of power because there is still this emergency manager that will be in charge of many things, and they will be running a city that is in the middle of a federal bankruptcy hearing." meanwhile, officers in the police and fire departments are going to have their paychecks cut. how big a cut? 10% for 1,600 officers. the lower pay will be reflected in september paychecks. pilots in greece are airing their frustration. the country's civil avaition union is calling for a 3-day strike at th
donations. detroit will retain access to its casino cash. a judge ruled this week that the city can continue to hold on to its gambling tax revenue.detroit's bond insurer had attempted to gain access to the money, arguing that the taxes are considered collateral for other debts. however, a judge says the revenues are protected by u.s. law and cannot be frozen. currently the city rakes in 180 million dollars a year in taxes from its three casinos. groupon is buying a warehouse. and it's viewed as a competitive step toward amazon. the wall street journal reports groupon is building a network of warehouses to store items to sell similar to amazon.but there will be a revolviing selection of goods similar to costco or sams. groupon's core business is selling daily coupons on the internet.groupon's shares have trended higher this summers under new management. groupon is among several companies doing a ceo shuffle this year.a new study shows-- nearly 40% of the top-paid ceos in the u.s. during the last 20 years wound up being fired, fined or bailed out by the government. among the names on the top
. he wrote 40 books. he died at his home near detroit this morning from complications of a stroke, he was 87. >>> sonny has set the release date for the next generation video game, the media says the ps4 will be available starting november 16 for $399. . the company will cut the price of play station 3. >>> google says they'll use apps and give users on the latest information on how to avoid traffic due to accidents and constructions. >>> stock markets they were mixed today. dow has a straight loss lost lost. naks manage to . . >>> now continuing coverage of the bay bridge. here is a live look now where crews are working hard. you can see tom vacar got a tour of the eastern span and what is still done before it opens after labor day. >> less and less construction equipment up there. today the biggest media turning out in years. there is so much bridge, there is lot more to do and other things such as putting up reflector signs. example, this, one of several electronic signs that'll alert drivers the hazard. while others do touch up works on the deck. pedestrians on the bridge
the metal in detroit-area warehouses. the lawsuit claims hoarding drove up prices. a jp morgan spokesman tells bloomberg the suit has no merit. goldman sachs agrees and plans a vigorous fight. goldman sachs was sued on similar charges august 1st. jpm recently revealed plans to exit owning and trading commodities. a-rod's appeal has eroded, according to marketing executives. it happened to tiger woods, lance armstrong and a list of other athletes who fell from the pedestal they were placed upon after a variety of missteps - in alex rodriguez's case, major league baseball's 211-game suspension, which he is appealing, for involvement in the biogenisis performance-enhancing drugs scandal. "i think there is more of a risk for companies to identify with an individual athlete. if they do something wrong, your brand goes down with them. i think what you're likely to see are more 'group' sponsorships, similar to the 'gillette young guns' or the coca-cola's 'family of drivers' in nascar. that seems safer to me." adler says look for fewer mega- deals for individual athletes, and corporate sponsorsh
for baltimore and it is on for detroit for four games. >>> white sox behind 2-0 before the win. garcia for the walk off and 3-2 chicago as the rangers win streak stopped at 4. and the a's moving back to the division league. harvey for the mets. the american league -- driving e . buck cannot pull the trigger. the tigers 3-0 and he now scores a record of 19 f 1. playing from behind has been a painful part of the giants' season this year. rarely did they give the giants margin for errors. posey still gets the base. for the first run posey had 3 hs and blanco hit the left that. . pirates got two innings and they make it 5-3. the giants answered o f the run of their own. they win 6-3 and the pirates fall into the dead tie. >>> well, they have been near of the bottom of the standing all year. after winning four or five games o f the san jose's earthquake, making it big. san francisco in frisco texas tonight. . gordon finished it off and quakes just getting started. more passing by san jose, first it is gordon who hits toe. it is 2-0 and dallas got on the board 3 minutes later. dallas got a c
. the a's have now lost four of their last five as they head to detroit for four games. baltimore pulls within two games of oakland in the wild card race. cleveland just a game and a half back. >>> the a's looking for help in chicago and bench coach looking for some where to watch the game after he was toss out before it even began. rangers and white sox scoreless. deep enough to score a run. it turned into moore when gentry whipped on the ball. go on to win 5-2. that keeps the a's within 2-1/2 games of the division leading rangers. >>> they call these the dog days of the season and well that had deeper meaning at at&t park. vogelsan matched up with burnett. both on their game. greg blanco came in to score. three more hits for posey. he also jumped on this button to six and started the double play. and then doubled burnett up at first after he strolled his way to third. vogelsan fans russell martin to end the seventh. he then paints russell jones to end the game. pablo sandoval with a ball to the deepest part of the ballpark. a new slimmer sandoval hustles his way to third. giants got o
was a good one. one step forward, and two step backs of late. sidestepping the detroit tigers. the first of a four game series back there. the team that ko'ed them in the playoffs last year. crisp ripping the ball. breaks up a 2-2 tie with his 14th homer. later, daric barton just back with the team from the minor leagues with a base hit. nate races around to score, just barely. it's a 5-4 lead after the tigers had tied it. later, coco with the glove. this guy is so important on both sides of the ball. robbing matt tuiasosopo. a.j. griffin, his first win for the month of august. a's, 2.5 back in the west. >>> from here on out, every time you see a pitch in a giant's uniform, get a good look. these are the waning days of the barry zito era. they'll still run through a wall for the guy. exhibit 1a. hunter pence. this guy, every night giving it his all. didn't get the catch. face plant against the right field wall off the michael cuddyer drive. that's how it went for the giants. although hunter pence stayed in the ballgame, as a matter of fact. todd helton later, 363rd homer of his career. z
back for >>> detroit is the town. brandon moss of the a's, loves comerica park. moss from 14 with four homers, 10 rbis in this game. but closer belfor said he had nothing. he was right. torre hunter don't hang the slider. that's a slider that's a 3-run homer walk off win for the tigers to avoid getting swept. they're three games up in the wild card race. >>> next up stanford. >> you bet. >> it's fun to watch. thanks. >> thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> ktvu morning news begins at [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to find big savings on the things you need. just make a straight line to safeway. your club card gets you deals you can't find anywhere else. load up the cooler. your favorite pepsi products are just $2.47 a 12-pack. charmin is $11.99 for 24 double rolls. and make it a giant scoop. breyers ice cream is only $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. >> today on "tmz" -- >> i have never seen anything like this. but justin bieber comes out of
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